Laparoscopic Cholecystectomy & Appendectomy from Same 4 Port

Patient with symptomatic Cholelithiasis and also appendicitis was encountered , planned to proceed both procedure with laparoscopic apporach and we did try with same port of lap cholecystectomy to know about difficulty to surgeons about the approach to appendix. as it was difficult with length and ergonomics to angle to target we approach for . Initial approach to lap cholecystectomy was as usual .

when facing to RIF from same instruments and trying to apply intracorporeal knots , it was more difficulty . we recommended to add 2 extra port but camera port at umblical is not changed. so that surgery time and instrument length and angle to target will not make surgeons difficult and will decrease total surgery time also. We do not recommend to this approach due to technical difficulty however surgery was completely safely done and patient was discharge with no any post operative complication and no any followup complains.

this video was uploaded for teaching and learning purpose so that we can clearly understood the situation of difficult which anyone can suffer if they wants .so we can discuss here with such condition is there any port position we can arrange so that both angle and both target will be easily accessible with adequate instrument length. we will be happy to see comments and dont forget to like , share and subscribe our channel . we will be looking for new updates soon with next surgery video.

Here is video with details of procedure that is explained above
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